Marie Bouassi, LMT

About Me

I've been practicing massage since 2008 when I graduated from Good Medicine School of Massage in Montana.  Throughout my career I have been fortunate to trade sessions with bodyworkers who have twenty years of experience under their belt.  There is a quality of touch that comes from having practiced so long and I am excited to be heading the same direction.

If you look under my services and rates page you will notice I don't charge different prices for different massage modalities.  In my sessions I want to take all of my training and apply it as needed.  Your shoulders could need Deep Tissue but maybe your legs do best with a traditional relaxing Swedish approach and maybe some Thai stretching for your hips.  My favorite massages to give (and receive) are the ones that are well tailored and specific to the way your body feels at that moment on the table.

With massage there is always something to learn, a new approach to take with a tense muscle.  I'm grateful to everyone who has brought me a neck that wouldn't turn or pesky sciatic pain.  

Massage is absolutely for everyone. No one is too old, too fat, too tight, too hairy, too anything to benefit from bodywork. LGBTQIA+ friendly!

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